(Robert Castelli/Boom Quartet, Live at Porgy & Bess Vienna)        
                                                                                                   New CD  

 “an eclectic mix of very well written self penned numbers which range from a hint of Reggae through Funk Jazz, Spanish Guitar to some excellent Free style Jazz. The composing and band leader skills makes this CD one of the most original CDs of the Year. Brilliant! A full 5 stars” 
                                                                    Brian Soundy   UK Jazz Radio & The Jazz Critic 2012

 "This is a well programmed set with two refreshing duets to leaven the more heavy, groove driven material. Castelli´s music is eminently enjoyable. He is a more than welcome presence on the European jazz scene." Ian Mann  UK Dec 2010

"An unqualified, unimpeded parade of joyous song & motion!"      
                               T. Bruce Wittet,  Editor in Chief Muzik Etc, Drums Etc magazines  Canada Nov 2010

                    "This is jazz that dances. The interaction, the improvisation & the bop are stuff of jazz night clubs, while the folkloric forms are alive &   vibrant. Consistantly joyful!" Halley Southgate, People Will Talk Media Scotland Nov 2010


                                       Robert Castelli/Boom Quartet  Featuring Nic Meier 
                                                                                                                                  Live Performance
A thoroughly enjoyable set brought to a rousing finale with Castelli´s infectious piece 'African Dance'. Good stuff!!!" 
                                                                Ian Mann  (Brecon Jazz Festival Aug 2010) UK

                                       Robert Castelli/Boom Quartet
                                                                                               CD 2008
                                  "Mixes smokey sax lines with witty melodies, tough swing & nasty funk" Time Out London June 2009 UK

                                       "A feast of styles, from World Music to tasteful brushwork" Rhythm Magazine June 2009 UK
                                           "Fine arrangements & inspired soloing" Drums & Percussion Magazine March 2009 Germany

                                                "Massive energy!" Lee Paterson March 2009 UK
                     "This isn´t smoothed out Los Angeles funk, this is get-down, get-greasy & get-dirty music that´s still delivered with finese & invention"
                                                                  John Kelman February 2009 USA

                                     "Solid grooves & wonderful texture make this a must have album from incredible drummer Robert Castelli"
                                                                      Nov 2008 USA

                                                                           "Solid groove & tasteful playing" (Buy it) 
                                                                      Brent Keefe Drummer Magazine Oct 2008 UK                   

                                                              "Powerful groove,exciting sounds. Castelli has a bright future!"
Aflred Kondraf Concerto Magazine Aug 2008 Vienna Austria
                                                                   "This NY drummer plays it funky! Funky/gutsy Jazz/Funk"
                                                                        Selwyn Harris Jazzwise Magazine Aug 2008 UK

       "Castelli is a rare drummer, & rarely have there been such solid grooves, imaginative solos and lush sonic textures since Steve Khan´s Eyewitness"
                                          T. Bruce Wittet Editor in Chief, Drums Etc, Associate Editor Muzik Etc April 2008 Canada  

                                  "Exciting, groovy & funky jazz. The cohesion of this band in exceptional. Castelli is a rhythm machine"
                                                         Jos Demol Jazz Halo Magazine, Jazz! Brugge March 2008 Belgium

                                                                            Gilad Atzmon Jan 2006
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